Direct Marketing of Asia Limited


Client of DMA since 2004
DMA- the Sole Subscription Agent in Hong Kong, China and Asia

“…On marketing and subscription selling, we are very grateful with DMA’s professionalism, efficiency, and earnestness in implementation. They always work out creative online and offline direct marketing activities with very positive results.”
“…They’re the only team with fleet of company vehicles and obtaining ISO9002, providing reliable and cost effective logistics for sound business practice…” Forbes China


Forbes China is a leading business and financial magazine in the world, highlighting the most significant and credible
ranking lists in the world markets.
The company aims to enter into the Hong Kong and Mainland China market by launching the traditional Chinese


  • To expand the market through introducing subscription plan in different regions and recruit yearly plan subscribers
  • To increase brand awareness and build Forbes China’s image among customers as a credible financial magazine in the
    China and Asian Pacific businesses and financial markets



  • Heavy Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Middle to Top Decision Makers


Subscribers’ Recruitment

Subscription Handling

Customer Relationship

  • Subscribers Database Management
    with subscription renewal notice alert,
    subscribers information update,
    deadmail updates, bounce back email
    updates and many others
  • CRM Telemarketing with hotline
    supporting subscriptions and inquiries
  • Arranged Premiums Packaging to all
    new subscribers by Lettershop
    production lines and distribution and
    logistics by Postal Handling
  • Regular CRM activities with subscribers
    to maintain customer loyalty


Attracted more than 10 magazines and newspapers to report Forbes China’s New market entry and the new subscription
New subscribers’ base achieved average growth of 26% monthly
Extensive magazine distribution coverage in most newsstands, bookstores and all public libraries all over Hong Kong
Expanded the subscription plan in China, Singapore, Macau and Japan market