Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Hand & Direct Delivery

Push Your Messages into the Hands of Your Target Customers & Consumers

Be it to your potential consumers’ hands, homes, offices and at exhibitions;
Be it leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, product samples and premiums.

DMA can assist you to choose the right targets, right channels, right time and right distribution spots!

Permit®Delivery in Private
Residential Estates

  • An award-winning service with
    exclusive right
  • Leaflet Distribution: Deliver leaflets/
    magazines into mailboxes
  • Daily Capacity: >100,000pcs
  • Catalogue Placement: Placing booklets/
    catalogues/ magazines on counter tops/
    lobby stands/ club houses
  • Poster Display: Sticking posters on notice

Superior Features of DMA’s
Hand & Direct Delivery Service:

  • Solid and enduring partnership with most
    property management offices for over 20
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date residential
    and commercial building databases
  • Large warehousing for marketing materials
  • Professional and experienced logistics and
    distribution teams
  • High daily distribution capacity in Hong
    Kong, Macau & China

Household Delivery

  • Appointed Quality Private Housing
    Delivery (AQPH): Door or mailbox drop
    into low density private houses in the city
  • Special Private Housing Delivery (SPH):
    Door or mailbox drop in independent
    houses/ villa type houses/ small
  • Daily Capacity: > 100,000pcs

Appointed Commercial Units

  • Offices or Factories Delivery: Door or
    mailbox drop into appointed commercial
  • Daily Capacity: > 140,000pcs

Newsstand Direct Marketing

  • Newspaper Insertion: Insert promotion
    materials into plastic bags/ newspapers/
    magazines, targeting specific readers
  • Plastic Bag Advertisement:
    Full-colored advertisements printed on
    plastic bags of newspapers and
  • Poster Display: Utilize newsstands in
    targeted locations to display poster
    advertisements with good discoverability

Outdoor Advertising

  • Professional Street Delivery: Outdoor
    distribution of leaflets/ samples/
    premiums/ seasonal products by
    professional teams in uniforms or
  • Daily Capacity: > 500,000pcs
  • Outdoor Promotion Campaign:
    Customized promotion campaigns and
    roadshows with strategies guide
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