Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Website Marketing

Powerful Internet Customer Acquisition Channels

DMA provides great tactics to optimize your website, generate more website traffic and quality conversions, increase
your fans in Facebook pages and improve your messages’ visibility on social media platforms. We also utilize O2O
strategies to draw customers from online to offline in the dynamic purchase journey.

Search Engine Marketing

Pull Your Potential Customers with a Click

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a highly targeted marketing channel
to pull high potential and quality consumers and businesses who have
already shown interests in your products or services to your website or
designated social media platforms from search engine platforms.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Search Engine Marketing Service :

  • Intelligent keywords, intuitive html links and powerful perfectly
    placed calls-to-action phrases to build quality AdWords advertising
  • Maximize websites’ visibility by listing websites on priority positions
    in search engines, adding in site extensions and relevant keywords
    thereby increase click and leads conversions
  • Professional Search Engine Marketing strategies consultation on
    increasing website traffic, generating conversions, improving brand
    awareness while lowering your advertising costs and improving your
    returns on investment (ROI) among other advertising goals
  • Reaches over 90% of Hong Kong’s online users through Google
    Hong Kong, Yahoo Hong Kong and many high traffic search engine

Social Media Marketing

Reach Out to Customers; Build Your Own
Online Community

DMA helps you to build up your brand reputation on the most effective
global social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and
others), reach millions of active potential and loyal customers anytime,

Superior Features of DMA’s
Social Media Marketing Service:

  • Expands company's online exposure and brand awareness
  • Initiates bi-directional & multi-directional interactions with potential
    and targeted customers
  • Engages, informs and markets to consumers on the myriad of online
    social networking platforms and communities
  • Leverages the rich media format on social networking platforms to
    engage your customers, increase their response rate and sharing
    rate in the social circles
  • Places targeted advertisements on social media sites to increase
    event campaigns responses and marketing effectiveness

TaoBao Marketing

Expand Your Business with TaoBao E-tailing
Platform in the Biggest Potential China Market

TaoBao and its sub-sites, including TMall, Alipay, Alibaba,
Aliwangwang, are some of the world’s largest online eCommerce
websites. Many Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau and South East
Asia consumers and businesses are doing online shopping and O2O
transactions daily, bringing in promising business revenue. DMA helps
you to expand your business in the TaoBao network. We assist you to
set up stores, perform operational services and actively promote the shop
and the products in Taobao and Tmall.

Superior Features of DMA’s
TaoBao Marketing Service:

  • Day-to-day operations management and online customer service
  • Taobao store application, setup, creative and content design
  • Devise strategies to boost online traffic to clients’ online shopping
    websites with stores and products promotions
  • Reports and analyzes campaigns, show the total impact of online
    marketing activities such as traffic generation and online purchases
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