Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Digital Printing & Production

Quality Printing with Highly Personalized Customization

DMA is specialized in printing high quality full-colored promotion materials, marketing collaterals, membership cards and
silk logo printing on premiums.

More than Just Print !

DMA provides customized personalization printings which boost
mailers’ opening and response rate with privileged impression.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Digital Printing & Production Service:

  • Digital Personalization Printing with each recipient’s name,
    personalized message and related offers printed on each mailer,
    insert, voucher, etc.
  • Large variety of paper qualities, cards, labels or other special
  • Confidentiality assurance for printing statements, bills, invoices
    and all other personalized documents
  • Supported by our one stop shop Lettershop & Postal Handling
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