Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Display Advertising

Strategically Positioned Out-of-Home Media Displays
DMA- “Top 10 OOH Media of the Year 2010”- Marketing Magazine

DMA’s outdoor marketing channels publicize clients’ business products and services, effectively reaching their
targeted customers. DMA is being recognized as the marketers’ top channels in reaching specific groups, including
middle to high income earners, both female and male fashion & luxury products buyers, finance, accounting and IT

DMA’s Display Advertising Options Include:

Direct TV

A MUST-HAVE Advertising Channel for
Temporal and Intensive Promotion

A rental service! DMA offers one stop shop unique 'Direct TV'.
Information can be shown in the form of video, audio and image
simultaneously. With its high quality and easy operation,
it is no effort to get messages to your targets effectively.

Superior Features of DMA’s Direct TV Rental

  • System setup, testing, transportation, delivery and installation all in
  • Comprehensive one-to-one instruction and technical support from
  • Supports playing multiple playlists/ pictures/ videos/ music/
    slideshows at a time, switching screens without black screen
  • Supports multiple media file formats
  • Flexible rental period
  • High mobility allows placement in exhibitions/ events/ seminars/
    conferences/ club houses/ shopping malls/ offices/ retail shops/
    hotels and more!

Out-of-Home Display Advertising

Exhibit Promotion Messages in Targeted
Indoor and Outdoor Locations

With our well-developed relationships with leading residential
club houses, shopping mall and newsstand coops, you can
display promotion materials in eye-catching positions and drive
immediate responses from targets, no matter indoor or outdoor.

DMA’s Out-of-Home Display Advertising
Options Include:

Catalogue Placement: Placing booklets/ catalogues/ magazines on
counter tops/ lobby stands/ club houses in residential/ retail shops/
shopping malls

Poster Display: Sticking posters on notice boards in residential

Insert Media in Newsstand: Insert promotion materials into plastic
bags/ newspapers/ magazines, targeting specific readers

Moving Advertising: Putting up movable banners/ young models/
cartoon dolls in promotion trucks and mobile showrooms

Superior Features of DMA’s
Out-of-Home Display Advertising Service:

  • Customized attractive marketing strategies and tailor-made solutions
  • Exclusive distribution and display agent in some high class residential
  • Large and developed newsstand networks all over Hong Kong
  • Wide connections with property managements companies for
    residential/ commercial/ shopping malls/ exhibition centers
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