Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Customer Relationship Marketing

Keep Your Customers Engaged in All Touch Points and Build Long-lasting Profitable Relationship
with Loyal Customers

Through DMA’s multi-channel loyalty solutions, you can maintain customers' loyalty at ease. Simply divert all
Customer Database Management matters to DMA, and we will handle all in no time. Furthermore, DMA is
experienced in conducting pre & post Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Maintenance campaigns
to optimize all your customers’ engagements and experiences.

DMA’s Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) Options Include:

Database Management (Green DMA)

Maintain Your True Valuable Asset at Ease!

service for employing DMA’s Customer Relationship Marketing Service

DMA helps to validate your databases, ensure credibility, and in a
consistent format at all times, with our operational and technical

Superior Features of DMA’s
Database Management Service:

  • Comprehensive data capture and administration management
    supports including new records entry, subscribers’ contact
    updating, invalid data verification by calls or other forms, data
    deduplication, deadmails and bounce back emails update,
    compiling customer data from different sources, etc.
  • 100% Opt Out data cleansing in centralized system, with 3 working
    days services guarantee
  • High security of data storage with mirrored data and firewall
  • Strictly complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the
    Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO) and all other
    latest marketing related regulations (DMA is the member of the
    Data Protection Officers’ Club of PCPD)

Customer Relationship & Loyalty Marketing

Deliver a Highly Relevant Customer
Experience to Enhance Your Brand Value
and Customer Relationship

DMA just does everything you request to engage your customers and
loyalty program members. We tailor customers’ experiences to
match your brand values, loyalty propositions and campaign objectives.

Superior Features of DMA’s Customer
Relationship & Loyalty Marketing Service:

  • One stop shop cost effective and efficient customer loyalty
    management includes members’ data management and
    validation, acquaintance referral program, production and
    handling of members’ offers and a wide range of pre & post
    customer engagement functionalities
  • Integrated Direct Mailing management from Personalized Letter
    , Member Card Printing,Lettershop, Mailing or
    Hand Delivery to Bounce Back Mails Handling
  • Operation and management of membership materials fulfillment in
    different customer lifecycle, e.g. welcoming gifts/ birthday
    coupons/ seasonal cash coupons/ CRM vouchers
  • Redemption for loyalty program points or CRM campaigns with
    rigorous warehousing and stock management system
  • All CRM contact points engagement, including social media,
    email, mobile and many others
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