Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Database Marketing

To reach potential customers and establish long-lasting relationships through DMA’s reliable database!

DMA Data Mining Centre analyzes and compiles consumers’ data from various sources to offer marketers the most
valuable and extensive mailing preferences information of Asian businesses and customers. Clients can acquire new
potential customers through our Data Driven Direct Marketing Databases and establish long-lasting relationships with
businesses and customers through our powerful multi-channel marketing and targeted solutions.

Zmartbuy Members Database Marketing

Recruitment of Potential Customers from
Highly Targeted “Zmartbuyers” with
Remarkable ROI

DMA had been very dedicated in recruiting permission based
members "Zmartbuyers" for many years. We serve as a bridge
between MILLIONS of high performing and segmented
members and clients. Clients can deliver personalized
communication messages based on our members’ preferences
and behaviours through DMA’s award-winning direct marketing
, including direct mailing,email, fax and more.

Commercial & Industrial Members Listing Selections Available:

Industry Type

Business Nature


Job Function

Individual “Zmartbuyer” Members Listing Selections Available:

Interest/ Hobby

Geographic Location

Superior Features of DMA’s Zmartbuy
Members Database Marketing Service:

Executives Mailing (Non-Designated)

Approach Your Targeted Decision Makers
and Influencers in Offices

Clients can deliver business related information and
promotion messages to potential targets, from top management
to middle management decision makers. Mailers are addressed to
the personnel of a particular job function, such as Marketing
Director, Human Resources Manager, Sales Director, etc.

Executive Mailing Listing Selections Available:

Industry Type


Job Function

Geographic Location

Superior Features of DMA’s Executive
Mailing (Non-Designated) Service:

  • Risk-free! Privacy Ordinance compliance!
  • Low promotion cost with high circulation rate
  • Supported by award winning marketing features and cost saving
    mailing preference mechanism
  • Opt In/ Opt Out handling system services to collect promotion
    campaigns’ responses, by mail, fax, email and telephone

Occupant Household Direct Mailing

Mailing to Individuals or Households within
Your Selected Geographic Areas Using
Well Segmented Data

Occupant Household Direct Mailing provides highly personal
communication media including letters, premiums and leaflets
to trigger responses from targeted residents. You can trace
the specific household background of the potential customers
to send them promotion materials.

Superior Features of DMA’s Occupant
Household Direct Mailing Service:

  • Omni-Household Database maintains coverage of residential
    buildings in Hong Kong and most provinces in PR China
  • Up-to-date with diversified classifications include flat area,
    occupancy date, house type, house age and facilities
  • Opt In/ Opt Out handling system services to collect occupants’
    marketing information preferences
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