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Mobile Marketing

Engage Your Customers Everywhere in the Digital World

With the penetration of smartphones, DMA provides you with up-to-date marketing strategies to closely engage
targeted smartphone users anytime anywhere and encourage them to consume desired products or services.

Mobile Website Direct Marketing

Is Your Site Optimized for Mobile?

If your website is distorted, small to read, requires scrolling and
zooming to view, it can easily drives customers away! DMA helps
you to transform your websites from conventional desktop version
to a mobile friendly site.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Mobile Website Direct Marketing Service:

  • User-friendly and visually appealing interface design with finger
    size buttons and menu bars, coloring and spacing, etc.
  • Compatible with all iPhone and Android browsers
  • Widgets to increase customers’ engagement and responsiveness,
    like click-to-call, coupons download, scheduling, etc.
  • Integration with new leads mobile application systems
  • High search engines’ visibility and optimization

QR Code Direct Marketing

Engage Your Customers from Hard Copy
Print to Digital Marketing at Ease!

QR Code enables REAL TIME activities such as social media
community connection, members registration and information update
(eDatabase Management), eCoupons downloading, events registration,
marketing surveys, online instant shopping, mCommerce, service
reservations and many more! QR Codes are highly versatile, they
can be integrated into any types of printed materials.

Superior Features of DMA’s
QR Code Direct Marketing Service:

  • Professional QR Code generation with customized design format
    and logo
  • Destination link management and update with ease
  • Comprehensive campaign analytical tools to measure marketing
  • Supported with user-friendly eCRM online form tools for
    membership registration, contact information update, survey
    and many others, for both consumers and marketers
  • Strictly complies with the latest Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
    and security assurance

Mobile Apps Marketing

Boost the Response Rate of Your Marketing
Campaign with a Mobile App!

While a website is a vital tool to promote products and services,
developing a mobile application and promoting it among users is also
extremely beneficial to further businesses. DMA helps you to design
to manage all issues of company mobile apps.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Mobile Apps Marketing Service:

  • One stop shop apps generation, management, updating and
  • Multiple apps functionalities such as seasonal apps, games, utilities,
  • Available for iOS and Android markets
  • Comprehensive content management system and update upon
  • Mobile apps promotion services with strategic approaches to boost
    downloading rates
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