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Data Driven Direct Marketing

Acquire Consumers’ Marketing Preferences, Analyze Consumers' Behaviors to develop effective New Leads
Acquisition Strategies

Since 1983, DMA has been providing Direct Delivery, Direct Mailing and many other Online Marketing channels for
clients to deliver 1:1 marketing and promotion messages so as to reach potential customers and maintain existing
customers’ loyalty, thereby facilitating business expansions and development.

Importance of Data Driven Direct Marketing

In the 21 st Century, customers’ preferences in receiving marketing
information and consumer purchasing behaviors cannot be
neglected. All marketers and sales professionals should fully utilize
these valuable big data to deliver messages to the right consumers
at the right time through the right channels.

Definitely, Data Driven Direct Marketing is the key to

Data Driven Direct Marketing enables customers with rights to make
their own choices. Protected by the Personal Data (Privacy)
and all other related marketing regulations, everyone has
their own freedom to subscribe or Opt Out any kinds of marketing
information and promotion offers.

DMA - Early Adopter in Data Driven Direct Marketing

In the 90s, DMA has already developed our unique concept “To be a
SMART Consumer, You have a Choice” and educated customers to
exercise their own subscription and unsubscription right.

DMA had been very active and dedicated in introducing and
promoting “Zmartbuyers” concept as part of a continuation of our
quality, effective and responsive Multi-channel Direct Marketing

DMA continues to promote customers’ rights in receiving marketing
information and advocates the importance on Personal Data
. We encourage customers to subscribe to those marketing
information that they are interested in; while marketers to promote in
lower cost with higher effectiveness. We strive hard to optimize
marketing performance and achieve high Returns on Marketing
Investment (ROMI) for clients.

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