Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Lettershop & Postal Handling

Premium Mailing Preparation, Sample and Gift Packaging

DMA’s Lettershop & Postal Handling service offers full range of mail preparation and packaging jobs, supported by our
well experienced Lettershop team, working round the clock assembly lines, own fleets of vehicles, sophisticated
machineries and large warehousing.

DMA’s Lettershop & Postal Handling Coverage:

Lettershop & Packaging

Prepare Your Massive Mails & Quality
Premium Packaging in No Time!

DMA is specialized in all kinds of heavy burdening: labour
intensive Lettershop and Packaging works, including but not
limited to insertion, labeling, folding, sealing, sorting, bundling
and gift packaging. We custom to your every single request
efficiently and effectively.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Lettershop & Packaging Service:

  • Customized service packages, providing manual, logistics and
    mechanical support to projects of all sizes
  • Well-experienced in data matching and secured information Printing
    and Lettershop
  • Supported by a range of sophisticated machineries: high capacity
    multi-folders, automated labelers, digitized addressing printers,
    heavy duty envelope sealers, etc.
  • Results boosting mechanisms for your selection:
    • Environmental friendly transparent packaging bags for higher
      mailer open rate
    • Digital Personalization Printing with each recipient’s name,
      personalized message and related offers printed on each mailer,
      insert, voucher, etc.
  • Heavy burden capacity up to 150,000 units per day

Postal Handling

One Stop Shop Professional Postal
Handling Expert

DMA not only helps you sending out highly targeted direct mails,
but also doing all the preparation works! DMA provides FREE
professional advices on ALL postal mail regulations and COST
SAVING options!

Superior Features of DMA’s
Postal Handling Service:

  • Post through DMA to cut costs at different stages of mail
    preparation, from efficient Data Management, screening to
  • One Stop Shop Hongkong Post Household Circular (HHC) service
    handling, from applications to postal deliveries
  • Professional postal expertise and support on postal supplementary
    services, permit license application, freepost, business reply service,
    mail redirection, etc.
  • DMA’s value-added post-mailing handling services include return
    mail handling, Opt Out/ Unsubscription processing, etc.
  • Up-to-date information feeds, including postal regulations and
    marketing ordinances.
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