Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Fax Broadcasting

High Volume Broadcasting Messages to Recipients in Hong Kong and Worldwide

DMA assists clients to fax promotion materials with our high volume broadcasting systems.

Need Someone to Manage Massive Fax Broadcasting?

Your messages can reach tremendous amount of recipients
throughout the world, enabled by DMA’s sophisticated fax servers
and broadcasting network, bringing you high marketing returns.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Fax Broadcasting Service:

  • Over 5 million target “Zmartbuy” Members for selection
  • Built-in communication infrastructure with secured and systemized
    server and network to support high volume local and global
    capacities with IDD for CRM and new customers acquisition
  • Complies with the OFTA's UEMO Ordinance resources and
    knowledge on unsubscription processing and Opt Out list updating
    to reduce marketing wastage
  • Opt In handling system services to capture new registrants'
    information and promotion campaigns’ responses by mail, fax,
    email and telephone
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