Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Telemarketing/ CRM Telemarketing

One-to-One Direct Engagement with Your Customers

The focus of today’s call center is transforming into the e-business and CRM center. DMA’s call center has
integrated telephone calls with all forms of customer accesses, including email, fax, mail and other social media

Nothing is Better than a Direct Two-Way

DMA’s professional Telemarketing team helps you reaching your
potential and existing customers directly, delivering your
messages and reminders as well as collecting their feedback in

Superior Features of DMA’s
Telemarketing/ CRM Telemarketing Service:

  • Supported by the up-to-date high-tech hardware and software in
    both voice and data applications
  • Allows marketers to achieve the aims of customer acquisition,
    activation and retention, contact information updating, lead
    generation, event invitation, surveys, marketing campaign follow
    up and customer services hotline, etc.
  • Provides follow up and alert calls to increase your campaign
    response rate with the use of mail, email, fax and social media
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