Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Data Driven Event Management

Go for a High Impact Event to Call up Potential Customers

DMA is experienced in organizing Data Driven Marketing Events for clients, including exhibitions, conferences,
roadshows, product launch campaigns, retail store sales promotions or other marketing activities.

Recruit More New Potential Customers
Right Now!

Recruits potential customers and members through DMA’s
comprehensive services with ease and brings in viral effects for
building high brand awareness. You can then maintain those newly
recruited loyal customers through analyzing their consumers’
behaviors, engaging them by using their preferred channels and
offering them appropriate incentives.

Superior Features of DMA’s
Data Driven Event Management Service:

  • One stop shop professional Event Management services include
    application procedure handling, booths/ venues design, decoration
    and production, logistics and transportation, activities
    management, etc.
  • Data driven customer recruitment and maintenance exercises
    include online and offline Opt In forms building, incentives
    , data compilation and customer relations maintenance
    all the way through
  • Highly customized service packages suiting your various campaign
  • Professional marketing guidelines for clients to target the right
    events, audiences and channels with comprehensive data in hand
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