Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

Venetian Macao

Asia’s Client of DMA

“By making sure all receivers were Opt In consumers, Venetians could ensure all marketing efforts were allocated to the right potential customers while avoiding all risks associated with privacy intrusion.” Venetian Macao


Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau. Since the grand opening, Venetian Macao has been actively
recruiting big spenders and smart consumers as their super VIPs and expecting a huge sales volume from the potential
VIPs in the long run.
In the market development stage, the company appointed DMA to launch direct marketing project targeting Hongkon-


To expand the customer base and recruit VIPs from Hong Kong to the luxurious resort at The Venetian Macao
To maintain a large group of loyal profitable customers from Hong Kong


  • Leisure travelers with extremely high spending power
  • Distinguished tastes’ travelers
  • Travelers pursuing unparalleled luxury hospitality



Favorable responses generated from the projects and clients had kicked off 6 rounds of Direct Mailing promotion in the
market expansion campaign.