Direct Marketing of Asia Limited

DMA has been honored to be invited as Data Driven Marketing Partner, CRM Marketing Partner or Media Partner to some very high-profile and
successful Pan-Asian events.

DMA’s Abbreviated Sponsorship Acknowledgements

A - G

"Annual Contact Centre Asia Congress"
"Annual Mega Fundraising Event - ‘Joy’ - Charity Music Concert"
"Asia’s Customer Festival"
"Asian Mobile Marketing & Advertising Summit"
"Asia-Pacific Marketing Power & Sell-Effectiveness Conference"
"B2B Marketing in the Digital Age"
"Big Data World Asia"
"Brand Sense Symposium HK"
"Branding in China Conference"
"Business of Design Week"
"Blue Ocean Strategy"
"Branding in China Conference"

"Carriers World Asia"
"China Youth Branding and Marketing Summit"
"Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards"
"Customer Relationship Management Conference"
"Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Leadership Summit”
"DigiGen Malaysia–Marketing to the Digital Generation"
"Digital Marketing Asia"
"Digital Signage World Asia"
"Direct Mail Symposium"
"Dress Casual Day"
"Easy Volunteer Programme"
"e-Commerce Show Asia"

H - O

"Heart to Heart Programme"
"Hedge Funds Investment Taiwan"
"HKMA Annual Conference: Re-positioning Hong Kong in
China Mainland's Strategic Development Period (2000-2020)"
"HKMA Annual Conference: Achieving Dynamic Growth
Winning the Challenge for Human Capital"
"Hong Kong International CRE & Innovation Expo"
"Hong Kong International Education Expo"
"Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival"
"Hong Kong’s Customer Festival"
"Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year"
"InnoDesign Leadership Programme"
"International Travel Expo & M.I.C.E Travel Expo"

"Knowledge of Design Week (KODW)"
"Loyalty World Asia"
"Measuring and Optimising Digital Marketing ROI"
"Michael Porter Strategy Forum"
"Online Retail World Asia"

P - Z

"Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) - Personal Data Privacy:
Have My Say"
"Philip Kotler Marketing Forum"
"Red Cross Raffle Ticket Fundraising Campaign"
"Retail Conference- Success & Sustainability"
"Retail World Asia"
"Reinventing with Desgin Conference"
"Search Engine Strategies (SES) Hong Kong"
"Search Engine Marketing Conference"
"Smart Inverstment & International Property Expo"

"The Annual Retail Solutions World Asia"
"The Internet & Mobile Show Asia"
"The Woman Extraordinaire Forum"
"World SME Expo"
"Youth Marketing Forum Asia"
"Youth Connect! Conference"
"Youth Marketing Conference"

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